One-on-one class with The Confidence doctor

Go from being timid and insecure to owning a top-notch confidence in 21 days.

What you will learn

Symptoms of 0% or low self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, and courage.

Keys to building Courage

Why you lack confidence

Hacks to building a top-notch confidence

How to determine and step up your worth

Strategies to manifesting confidence and self-worth in business and earning more.

How to improve your self-esteem

Public Speaking

How to overcome self-doubt

Keys to embracing self-love and self-acceptance

Secrets to becoming more assertive

How to discover “you”

Exercises to boost your confidence

Confidence in conversations

How to avoid and deal with overconfidence

How to Express confidence in relationships

Proven ways to conquer fear

Certification of a Lion or Lioness

And many more practical ways to securing Confidence


  • Early bird Registration: ₦6000 (first week of the month)

  • Late Registration: ₦10,000


  • Free E books on Confidence and Self Esteem worth over 50k

  • Access to my personal library

  • Tutorials on how to leverage social media for impact, influence and income

  • One month mentorship

Duration: Three Weeks

Venue: WhatsApp

Registration is ongoing