Our Story


I said good morning on a hot afternoon in the interview room.

I was nervous and couldn’t control myself. I had low self esteem! I had zero confidence!

Hi, my name is Mmesoma Ilechukwu and I’m going to share with you my story of how I moved from being timid, shy, afraid and insecure to becoming the highly confident person that I am today.

Few years ago when I was a secondary school student in SS2, my classmates, and some of my teachers and seniors nominated me for the position of Senior Prefect in my School.

I had the capacity to do the job. I was a very bright (and beautiful 😀) student and I was among the best 3 Art students of my set.

The people that chose me saw all these “potentials” in me. But, guess what happened? I got into the interview room and greeted “Good morning” on a hot afternoon because I was nervous and I lacked the one important ingredient of public speaking, confidence.

And those eyes of the Interview panel?

God! I wanted to run away. I prayed for the earth to open and swallow me.

I could hear my heart beat so loudly I thought it would tear my chest open.

Despite being intelligent and having all these “potentials”, I could not prove myself.
I could not deliver.
I disappointed my classmates and all the people that nominated me.

That night in the hostel, I sobbed my way to sleep. I soaked my pillow with hot tears.

For the next few days, I refused to talk to anyone. Refused to engage in conversations with my friends like I used to.

My face was always swollen. I was battling depression.

During the interview, I was asked the position I wanted and I told them “Deputy Senior Prefect” although I knew fully well what I should go for!

I felt I wasn’t worthy to be the main.

Guess the post I was later given?

Assistant Sanitary Prefect!

It was heartbreaking!

I hated myself the more feeling that I had messed up.

However, I took the post and I did my work with so much zeal and energy.

I even worked more than my main because I was assisting.

So, what exactly happened?

What went wrong was that I could do the job but I had no confidence to communicate my capability to the Interview panel

Even after I left Secondary school, this low self esteem and zero confidence followed me into life

I lost many opportunities and useful relationships because of this one problem.

Opportunities and relationships that would have taken me far in my career by now.

But I lost them and more because of 0% confidence.

Your experience might not be exactly like mine. But you probably have lost so many important things and people because of lack of confidence.

Lack of confidence is the one reason many people do so much yet lack results that are complementary to the kind of energy and work that they put in.

I’ve been there. And it’s not an interesting way to live.

For instance, I used to struggle with charging what I knew my time and business was worth because I felt I wasn’t worthy of such “huge” amounts and rewards.

Again, I lost many valuable and useful relationships, entered into wrong ones, lost life changing opportunities.

I just settled for whatever came my way. I slaved my way through life.

I knew I was not an ordinary lady! However, I wasn’t confident enough to let the world see my awesomeness.

I was merely existing and not living life to the fullest until 2019 when my deliverance came.

I had attended a webinar on Confidence but in the days that followed, I took a lot of Personal Development courses including on Confidence, I did a lot of research to get hacks on how I could build and own a top-notch confidence.

I applied the lessons I learnt and the discoveries I made in my own life and I was literally blown away by the amazing results I got.
I got my confidence level high up, met a lot of wonderful people, formed valuable relationships, got paid what my time and business was worth.


Life became good again

I decided to share my wonderful and life changing discoveries and lessons with the rest of the world, as I am sure there are many people out there who are going through the same fate I passed through prior to 2019.

Being a victim of this problem sometime, I knew all it cost me and I wouldn’t want any other person to experience it. So I decided to help.

School Of Confidence is my best platform to share these hacks.

School Of Confidence has raised so many confident and successful people (otherwise known as lions and lionesses) around the world since its inception in September 2020.

God granted us a kind of supernatural speed that is beyond human intelligence and understanding.

School Of Confidence has helped once suicidal and depressed young people regain their confidence and go on to living the life of their dreams.

School Of Confidence has pushed a lot of society-made introverts out of their shells and into their God-ordained destinies.

I’m talking of people who weren’t naturally introverts but society turned them into introverts. And even the real introverts become Confident even with their nature made them shy, timid insecure, and unsure of who they were.

Most graduates of the School have taken bold steps to do the things they used to fear.

They’re living the life of their dreams now as a result of the one-on-one sessions they had with Coach Mmesoma, the Confidence Doctor.

Attached herein are some of the many transformational testimonials that we got from our students.

If you do not have a low confidence or self esteem issue, but you want more out of life, don’t worry, School Of Confidence has got you covered!

We’ve had confident people sign up for a one-on-one session with The Confidence Doctor and they were blown away by the results they got.

You’ll also see some of these confident people’s testimonials.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

School of Confidence.